dimanche 21 septembre 2008

Antoine Bernhart unveiled

Antoine Bernhart - featured in last Timeless issue but also in the special Peter Sotos issue with 2 exclusive artworks - has a review in the Agnes Giard "Liberation's sex blog". Miss Giard chronicle is yet interesting but the best is Antoine's interview. I did an approximative translation :

"Recently, in Berlin, I was in a cab and driving through Tiergarten, there was those dark alleys bringing to a darker obscurity. Feeling the black velvet of the night and in the same time the thread, may be blades, may be fangs. That's exciting."

Is it possible to be horny just by the vision of a dead body or a tortured women ?
I am totally convinced about that. I know that because I experienced it already and felt it intensly. When I was a child, with my pals, we discovered a frozen dead body in a pond. I remember very well the thrill and peculiar excitement which surrounded me.
As a teenage, I saw many dead bodies in chuches in Italy. The very pale women skin, looking asleep, abandoned... I'd have love to lift their dress and mess with their underwear before pulling them off. Somebody told me that dead bodies have their fluid running through every holes and I went mad at this idea. But that wasn't so incredible, back in time, when morgues was open to public, people went there for the sexy effect.

Is possible to be excited by evil incarnation ?
What is evil ?

Why melting the most horrendous, the most repellent things with erotic images ?
It is to show sexuality as a danse macabre ?

What's horrendous or repellent for some is not for me. I only represent images that
exhilarate me, possess me and provide pleasure. A friend asked me if I didn't want to satify my fantasies, I answered that's not fantasies. Because I don't want to to those things for "real". My paintings aren't the substitute of a desire or the representation of a frustration. The pleasure I get when creating those images is a pleasure specific to this practice and nothing can replace this or make it stronger.
The day I'll feel the need to do horrible things in real life, the source will not be my paintings. This will be something else and my paintings will be aside.
I don't blow the whistle. I don't feel concerned by what's on people mind. I don't really see what's horrible in my art. It's my own delightful wonderland. It happened that people are offensed or shocked by my art. A friend of mine came to court because he brought one of my book in his country ! Doing such a mess for some doodles ! That's ridiculous. That ain't photos. Everyday tv news bring us their stream of abuse in all kinds, cadavers, genocides. That's fucking hilarious.

Antoine runs a new website and still have his exhibition at Bongout gallery in Berlin.

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