mardi 28 octobre 2008

Timeless goes metal ... underground

Michael Williams collaborated for some pages in the last Timeless issue. He is a multi talented artist writing books, playing in bands and creating some artwork.
His main occupation is this mythical sluge metal band called Eyehategod. Michael is also very attracted by electronic noise music as he participated for a track in Bloodyminded album "Gift Givers" (where I have the great privilege to share some shouting with the maestro ... thanks Mark !!!).

My first contact with Eyehategod happened some years ago while staying at the flat of my friend Stephen (the Kickback man). Among the tons of hardcore and metal cds on the shelves, I was particularly attracted by the cd artwork covers of this band. With a style very unusual for a metal band and closer to punk artworks as using raw collage and a very degenerated imagery including nymphets, japanese perversions, weapons, freaky bodies. After enjoying the visuals, it was obvious that I had to discover how it sounds. When Stephen played them, I was completly convinced.
Needless to say that a Mr Williams contribution to Timeless made sense.

Recently Mike did an interview for "" website where he quotes his collaboration to last Timeless issue.

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