dimanche 7 octobre 2007

"N°des N°" Elles Sont de Sortie n°70
- Ni Revu Ni Corrigé -

"N°des N°" is the Elles Sont de Sortie encyclopedia ! Collecting all the ESDS issues covers already released in a first tome (and belive me you'll be amazed by most you ignored the existence and already want it !)?. And in a second tome you'll discover the forthcoming ESDS issues...
This project was launched in 2004 by Bruno Richard and I was commissioned to release it. I helped Bruno doing many of the scans and research to build a close to reality "historical" classification of the ESDS issues. Then I was supposed to do the last printings and binding but unfortunately we stopped our collaboration and the project stayed asleep ont the shelves ...
After some years and reconnecting with Bruno Richard this tremendous work of patience which needed nearly a full time job for a month (classification, ordering, re-reprinting ...etc) finally see the light today.
Nearly 400 pages in 2 tomes collecting incredible and wonderful artwork from this artist duet.
Price: 35 euros + postage.

For more detail :timeless.zine@yahoo.com

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