lundi 31 octobre 2011

New Late 2011 TIMELESS Production #2 : TREVOR BROWN

16 x 24 cm - 232 pages in b&w - Hardcover

A new compilation book of Trevor Brown black and white work ! - a completely different collection of work to “temple of blasphemy” - it recovers some old artworks dating back to the mid eighties missing from that book - and then continues up to selections from post temple of blasphemy “mania” books - with assorted odd’n’sods in between - many “rare” and unseen gems and atrocities of varying degrees of embarrassment - and rarest of all, a picture of Trevor Brown on the fxcking cover !! - this will be an edition of just 500 copies - 112 pages - introduction essay by romain slocombe (a prix goncourt literature award nominee this year!)

Only 500 copies

Price : 25 euros

Order it now here : Trevor BROWN Black & White Works

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