jeudi 17 juillet 2008

Timeless for "Area Revue"

This "Area Revue" is a luxuous and prestigious french art magazine run by prolific galerist & editor Alin Avila. It is a very intellectual mag and not a fancy arty mag like the ones you enjoy to wipe your ass.
This is full of interviews, critics from writers and artists' writings (uhh ... wankings !).

Each Area issues are based on a topic for each issue and for this new one called "Jeu" (game) they kindly invited me. I have done an interview of Bruno Richard on this topic. It deals mostly on how it was a "funny game" and a "massacre game" to produce such cruel and sexual images with Pascal Doury for "Elles Sont de Sortie" zine in late 70's/early 80's. To play to "shock the bourgeois" with disturbing images, and also how fun it was to create those images when one start a drawing and the other finish it. Like with "Pornographie Catholique" or with this ESDS issue called "Jeux" showing on the cover a photo of them playing with their dicks.

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