mardi 30 avril 2013


at "Festival de la Micro Edition" - LYON

Timeless was contacted by the organiser of this event to co-organise an exhibition around Bruno Richard and Pascal Doury. Finally this duo of artists forming the Elles Sont de Sortie group was back in Lyon for an exhibition many years after (1985) the one they did at the Espace Lyonnais d'Art Contemporain...  where occured a huge scandal causing the ban of the artists ! Indeed, instead of producing a catalogue showing their art, they prefered to include one page harsh porn, one page photo of real gruesome death. For more on the case please read  PRANKS! by Vale and Juno published by REsearch.
Bruno Richard and I selecting some books to display.

One wall full of couloured reproductions artworks and one only in black and white (thanks to Uli Augustynen for the selection)

 Timeless stall in front of a bunch of Elles Sont de Sortie original artworks

Yes some people are really interested by those books

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